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Stuck with CRM Implementation?

Bpm'online is the right solution !!

Core Competencies !

Bpm'online Integrator


We are bpm'online integrator partner for the Pakistan region and authorised to:

  • Resell bpm'online software licenses
  • Provide bpm'online process automation consultancy
  • Provide bpm'online implementation services
  • Provide customised & Tailored bpm'online solutions for industry verticals
  • Provide extensive integrations to fit-in bpm'online into your software eco-system
  • Provide bpm'online support & maintenance services
  • Bpm'online certified team of business analyst & implementors

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Shopify Partner


We are shopify implementation partner and provide services including:

  • Shopify Store Setup & Implementation
  • Shopify Store Marketing
  • Shopify Store Maintenance
  • Shopify Store Customisation
  • Shopify Store Theme Design
  • Shopify Store Integrations
  • Shopify Store Automatic Management of Products
  • Shopify Store Domain Names
  • Shopify Store SEO

We are providing complete services package for building and maintaining your online store on Shopify.

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CRM Implementation


Having a decade of experience in CRM industry we provide tailored solutions to industry vertical including:

  • Automobile CRM
  • Retail CRM
  • Manufacturer CRM
  • Telecom CRM
  • Contact Center CRM
  • Hospital CRM
  • Pharmaceutical CRM
  • Petrolium CRM
  • Restuarant CRM
  • Gym CRM

We have numerous case-studies inherited from bpm'online, being the integrator partner.

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Mobile App Development


With our in-depth mobile app development knowledge and proven management, development & delivery methods, we build customised applications based on best practices and and proven development methodologies to deliver:

  • Responsive Applications
  • Native Applications (iOS & Android)
  • Improved user experience
  • Data on the go
  • And, the highest level of customer satisfaction 

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BI Reporting


With out in-depth knowledge of the cutting-edge BI technologies, we provide:

  • Management Reports
  • Productivity Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Budget Reports
  • Customer Satisfaction Reports
  • Business Specific Reports

By analysing the customer data collected via multiple sources and processed in BI tools including:

  • Pentaho BI
  • JasperSoft

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Data Migration


We have extensive hands-on managing customer data from multiple sources including:

  • Third Party (Web Services)
  • Databases
  • XML
  • JSON
  • And many more

And, importing them into centralised systems using:

  • Talend ETL
  • Kattle ETL

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The Treasure - Clients' Satisfaction !


"Team ClementSols has been an absolute pleasure to work with in the past. We initially engaged with team ClementSols for expert development and consultancy services; it was quickly apparent that they have exceptional command in all web & mobile technologies. ClementSols has always been a true professional team in managing our expectations to deliver quality services to expand business," said Roger Steinig, CEO at CM & Sugar, Austria


"Team ClementSols was unbelievably helpful to Headtrip when we needed a web based 360 degree video player for our AR/VR product. We started with one project and ended up giving one after another with the highest level of satisfaction and quality delivery. ClementSols is always our first choice when it comes to technical strategic partnership. The executve management is very flexible, professional and reliable for long term strategic partnership," said Jörn Allert, CEO at Headrip, Germany


"It has always been a great experience working with the professional team of ClementSols, they have high capabilities of nailing every challenging project. ClementSols is expert in business communication, technical development and project execution. Alycom is also planning for a long term strategic relationship with ClementSols, to professionally collaborate in achieving mutual goals," said Dilshad Delawalla, CEO at Alycom Business Solutions, USA

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