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Key Features

Cloud Apps Audit

Automated daily scan of the 3rd-party apps 24/7 monitor and automated daily scan of the 3rd- party apps that have access to corporate data stored in the cloud helps G Suite & Office 365 organizations to get a clear view of all major risks for a company.

  • Risk level of the App
  • The type and description of the app
  • List of permissions granted to the app
  • Employees it has access to
  • Type of connected device
  • Blacklist of apps

Cloud Users Behavior Audit

Detection of abnormal cloud users behavior Identifying and monitoring people who have access to the corporate data in the cloud using our adaptive and smart machine learning algorithms. 24/7 detection of abnormal behavior help to protect G Suite & Office 365 organizations against data loss and leak disasters.

Risky 3rd-party Apps

Granting access to risky 3rd-party apps.

Abnormal Login

Irregular login from unexpected location

Abnormal Migration

Migration of data from the corporate cloud storage to a private cloud storage

Abnormal Downloads

Downloads from the corporate cloud storage on a local device

Shared files

Sharing files public or with 3rd-party users outside the domain

Cyber Security for Google Apps & Office 360

Spinbackup solutions help organizations to protect G Suite & Office 365 data against leak and loss disasters in the cloud by identifying business risks and security threats.

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